So if you are a man who is results oriented and desires to engage in a dynamic opportunity of smoothing out those rough edges, be they of body, spirit, mind or heart...

This is an authentic invitation to 'show up,' to 'step up;' to learn what is necessary to reduce the friction and tension generated within you and, hence, in your relationships, and to be truly comfortable in your own skin. Skin that has been smoothed has a greater capacity to reflect the light and magnify its myriad facets.
Together we will bring all the best parts of you to the surface through an exploration of your personal tastes, interests, and romantic goals. 

This is an invitation to step into your brilliance and uniqueness as a man.

male dating coach

This is MalePolishing... a creative-interactive process

Thinking better, feeling better and looking better:

  • To help men be more successful in the pursuit of a romantic life and/or life mate
  • To assist men in amplifying their physical attractiveness and ability ‘to attract'
  • To help men understand the strength, beauty and intelligence of transparency and the sexiness of vulnerability (which really is the foundation of confidence)
  • To support men in recognizing and acknowledging what they truly like about themselves
  • To demonstrate how feelings of inadequacy and negative self-talk influence the quality of all relationships; romantic, platonic and professional 
  • To provide a platform on which to practice the art of relating from the desire to authentically connect and share oneself and one’s humanity… rather than from the place of ego-driven self-aggrandizement
  • To reinforce men's ability to recognize how their behaviors support (or don’t support) their desires and how their resistance to doing things differently may be impeding the process of attracting the love and/or partner they desire
  • To help men assert themselves in the world with newly found confidence that is not driven by, nor dependent upon, their ego

You need only be open to the possibility of changing your mind about the way things are and have to be because that is how your belief system and your conditioned thinking have informed you. It is not about 'fixing you.'

You are never too old, too young, too smart or too cool for MalePolishing.

My Commitment to You:

   You'll be inspired in ways you've never considered — you might even start to think out of the box

   You'll be energized to take action and to create from your desires

   You'll have clear, actionable steps to take to achieve your goals in more than the romantic aspect of your life

   You'll be reunited with the confident you, moving beyond your self-limiting beliefs and habituatal behaviors

   You'll get "juiced" and have FUN in the doing


Wanting all the best for you,