Who Am I?

Rhona Selkowitz


How did I get here... to MalePolishing that is:

I always understood that men value being in the know. At the same time, they are not always able to identify the personal attitudes, unconscious beliefs and behaviors impacting the outcomes of their relationships, including the areas of dating and romance. Then I met a man at a theater in New York City. Unlike many men I knew, he was 'open' to looking more deeply through the prism of his dating/romantic life. We developed a close and meaningful platonic relationship which gave rise to a multitude of conversations concerning love, dating and mating. He was clear that he desired the 'right partner' for marriage and that he derived much value from my perceptions, observations, and understanding of what he was seeking in a relationship and the myriad of steps he could take towards attracting that relationship. I was confident that the insights I had to share would create opportunities for him that he was blind to. He found himself changing his belief system about himself, women, and elements of dating and discovered a world of potential and possibility.

Yes, sometimes my advice and guidance as a dating strategist catapulted him out of his comfort zone. His receptivity led him to make changes in his overall physical appearance that was more representative of who he was and the type of woman he sought to attract. As he let go of self-limiting beliefs, his exchanges with women became more expansive and exciting. Oh, did I mention the fun we had role playing at bars and shopping together? Fast forward, within one year, he met the love of his life and the woman he would marry. 

More Than A Makeover
My approach to helping men open their minds and hearts synthesizes many world views. I have a diverse and eclectic background that bridges the worlds of science, psychology, ancient wisdom and cosmopolitan savvy. I am formally educated in the sciences, having graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. I am experienced in a broad range of modalities, ranging from the traditional to the esoteric, having studied and worked with a distinguished cast of individuals beyond the walls of academia, including luminaries in the fields of the biological sciences, social sciences, quantum physics, and spiritual psychology. I embrace a worldview that parts with mainstream thinking and political correctness and is informed by a balanced masculine and feminine intelligence, sensibility and truth. I personally have a deep respect for the 'natural order of things' and am drawn to a life of creativity, compassion, joyful and soulful living.

My clients report that my practical knowledge, gentleness, humor, keen awareness and wisdom have made an incalculable difference in their ability to produce the results they seek in their search for love. This success in my collaborations with men and women has been the impetus for me to step forth as a dating consultant and strategist to men guiding them to the results they seek in love and romantic relationship.

I fervently know that we are all designed to experience love's deepest and most profound power. For me it is a privilege and a joy to provide relationship advice for men by helping them cultivate the mindset and the heart scape to find out who they really are, from their outer image to their innermost being. I am sincerely committed to serving the uniqueness of every man who seeks my assistance.